Personal Projects

My Skin, My Body

"My Skin, My Body" is a series where I photographed various women in nature, leaving their skin and body unretouched. Each subject chose a spot that she felt a personal connection with in nature. We would spend the day together, forgoing any expectations and just working intuitively.  

Uncle Afshin

These images are a glimpse into how I see my uncle Afshin. The series started when I had an assignment to make an image that captured the word "forgotten." At the time, I would only occasionally see my uncle and the weight of my guilt validated my choice to photograph him. Afshin started to ask me to come by to shoot him, as he liked the process. He showed me different parts of himself that diverged from the sunny disposition that he's known for in our family. 

South Los Angeles Animal Shelter

I'm part of a volunteer group that photographs cats and dogs at the South LA animal shelter. We work together to try to make each animal feel loved and comfortable so we can capture them in their best light. The images are used to network the animals online and increase their adoptability. Here are a selection of those images in addition to some other moments caught at the shelter.