House of Nekko

House of Nekko

Zen By Cat is dedicated to raising both awareness and money in the fight against FIP to help save cat’s lives. When Peter, the founder of Zen By Cat, bought his house in 1998 two cats were already living in his yard, and he adopted them. Over the years the adoptions continued and the number of cats grew to 24, the number it is today. Peter, having an extensive background in construction, transformed his home by installing intricate, colorful catwalks on his walls. These additions also continued over the years and now there are catwalks in all the rooms in his home, along with other features such as a coy pond and a ‘kitty room.’ Peter’s home has also been featured in Netflix’s “Amazing Interiors.” You can learn more about the foundation here.

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I recently photographed rapper and songwriter BIA for HYPEBAE, HYPEBEAST’S female editorially driven site, and it was an absolute pleasure. BIA is currently signed to Pharrell's i am OTHER record label as part of a collaboration with RCA Records.

While BIA's presence is quite commanding and bold, we slowed things down a little and captured some quiet moments that day.

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Allie Holton

Allie Holton

I came into the shoot with an open mind and approach. We started with a clean slate and started layering emotions and fragments of stories that we came up with together. At some point during our shoot, I started to see emotions and feelings coming through Allie that I had just experienced myself--things that I'm still working through.

When you start to see yourself moving, feeling, and reacting right in front of your eyes through somebody else it feels so magical.   

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Graham Shafer

Graham Shafer

I recently filmed Los Angeles based musician Graham Shafer performing two songs from his debut album, Where the Light Came Through. In between takes, I was able to capture this still of Graham. It's a great album and it was beautiful to hear him sing live.

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Keta Meggett

Portraits of Keta Meggett also known as Keta Rush from Women of Wrestling (WOW). Keta has an incredible story of perseverance and courage that I couldn't properly sum up in one post. Keta took PTSD from a serious trauma and turned into a successful career as an actress, pro-wrestler, Muay Thai & Jiujitsu fighter, and anti-bullying activist. She runs Team Bully Buster, a self defense program that helps young people protect themselves in dangerous situations. You can also see Keta as Rayna on HBO'S Room 104. Keta is truly an inspiration. 


 Photo by Kat Kaye
 Photo by Kat Kaye
 Photo by Kat Kaye
 Photo by Kat Kaye
 Photo by Kat Kaye
 Photo by Kat Kaye

Commissioned Portrait for Ethan

Ethan is a realtor based in Westlake, California. He was interested in a portrait that captured a little bit of his personality for some promotional materials. We shot this fairly close to where Ethan grew up and since he loves being outdoors and hiking, we thought it would be fitting to shoot in the mountains. As a bonus, we spotted some beautiful deer along the way.

 Photo by Kat Kaye
 Photo by Kat Kaye

Look Book for Thrive

Look Book for Thrive Activewear

Photography: Kat Kaye

Creative Direction: Bree @ Thrive Activewear

Produced by Space + Light

Models: Indigo McMillian @ Nu, Das, CESD & Masha @ Peak

Hair & Makeup: Kenye Hart

Digitech: Josh Fogel

Photo Assistant: Jess Whitehead



The NY Times wrote about the Diversify.Photo website/database which I just happily found out that I am included in. It's a great piece that gives some insight into how preconceived notions don't always allow us to see one's true capabilities. 

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Preview of Editorial for Rogue Magazine

Here's a preview of my editorial for Rogue Magazine's issue 6. The models for this shoot were Sam Evans with Next LA whom I always love working with and the very talented Allie Holton with Nous Models. Wardrobe styling by the very stylish Sabrina Che. Hair and makeup by the wonderful Kenye Hart. 

It was great working with horses on this. The day felt magical..


Issue 6 of Rogue Magazine should be hitting newsstands soon!

Ben Dahlhaus

I recently worked with model Ben Dahlhaus with Next LA, PMA Hamburg, and Models 1 London. While I do love conceptualizing and planning my shoots, I occasionally will do more of a spontaneous shoot with nothing planned ahead of time. I find that these type of shoots help keep my mind open to the creative process and connect me even closer to my intuition. Hair by Kenye Hart and wardrobe by Betty Barajas. 





I made some portraits of Pierson Williams at Next Models LA. Pierson has done a lot of commercial campaigns with companies like Nike and Adidas. For our time together, I sought to capture something more personal.



Girlgaze Exhibition at the Annenberg Space for Photography

I am happy to announce that I am part of the Girl Gaze exhibition currently being held at the Annenberg Space for Photography. Girl Gaze is a multi-media project founded by Amanda de Cadenet and is supported by Inez van Lamsveerde, Amber Valletta, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Lynsey Addario, and Collier Schorr. At the opening night, Amanda discussed the importance of media platforms embracing imagery from a female perspective and it was inspiring.

Whether you care or don't care about fashion and art, it is irrelevant when it comes to the  significant effects that these industries actually have on your sense of self and the different roles you perceive people having or being capable of having in society. Listen, I love the work of many male photographers and continue to do so. However when one group dominates the image making process, as is the case with the photography industry, the results are images that cater to that one group and how they see the world. You become conditioned to believe in expectations that may not represent your experience in life and contribute to a feeling that you're always coming up short. At that point it's not about your experience but what someone else thinks it should be. There is a difference between a story being told by a main character versus a bystander. And personally, I enjoy seeing a woman for who she is and how she sees the world and not what she's been told to be. 

Here are some photos from the opening night!


Artist Elyn Kazarian and I at the show. Polaroids by Sabrina Che. 

Artist Elyn Kazarian and I at the show. Polaroids by Sabrina Che.